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About Us:

Hush Hush Boudoir Photography is the ultimate sensual artistic experience that brings out and captures the essence of feminine beauty. Set in the most exquisite boutique hotels in Edinburgh, Hush Hush Boudoir Photography gives every woman the chance to star in her own avant-garde photo shoot.

Nicola Bald is an established, Edinburgh based, fashion and commercial photographer with a sensitive eye for detail and singular women's traits. She has created Hush Hush Boudoir Photography as the lovechild of her valuable fashion work and her passion for photographing regular people. Having built strong portfolios for beginner models who went on to work in Paris, London or Milan, Nicola has a precise, cutting edge style dedicated one hundred percent to the sitter and not the photographer's needs.

Hush Hush Boudoir Photography is more than just an experience. It is a story told with the help of the artistic photographer, a team of dedicated styling experts and you as the central character. Lavishing settings, lace, velvet skin, classic poses, vintage vogue moods, all come to life during the photo session and bring out that spark which makes every woman uniquely beautiful regardless of age, shape or size.

Whether it's to fulfil a fantasy, or create a collection of photos for their partner, Hush Hush Boudoir Photography gives women the confidence to look good naked, or nearly, the choice is yours.

Treat yourself or your loved ones with the Hush Hush experience - we will refine your look and give you a fabulous and indulgent day out with gifts on offer too. Hush Hush team is looking forward to treating you like an old time star! X



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